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Namaste (Hello!)

“Namaste 🙏🏽

I am Erica from Square Services in Nepal. Along with our team of native experts, I would love to provide you with on-site and online (remote) professional Nepali interpretation and translation services. We have worked with governments, international bilateral agencies, and businesses that work in and out of Nepal. Nepali culture is represented by over a hundred linguistic-cultural diversity. So, if you also need Nepali translators and interpreters with deep cultural orientation and expertise, our years of diverse experiences will surely help you navigate the linguistic landscape of Nepal!

During the ongoing Corona epidemic we have been providing safe /remote online interpretation services through the use of Zoom, Google and other video-conferencing technologies.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please click this link and fill out a short form.

– Warmth,

Erica Adhikary,

CEO and Co-founder of Square Services (,

the first woman-led company in this sector in Nepal!

In Brief:

  • Our team came together from various backgrounds like engineering, finance, marketing, humanities, and information technology to solve an acute lack of comprehensive, high-quality, multi-disciplinary language facilitation needed by businesses and organizations to excel in Nepal.

  • We are a woman-led company, the first in our sector.

  • We have supported various bilateral agencies, government, local, national, and international stakeholders. We also have extensive experience working long-term with foreign companies and investors who are working or want to work in Nepal.

  • Through staffing, translating, and interpretation, we help clients expand their businesses and organizations. We boost their presence in the local market by facilitating clients with native, accurate, and professional language assistance – giving them an advantage by being able to communicate in the local language.

  • We are one of the oldest companies in our field in Nepal and have a cumulative experience of three decades in this sector.