Here are some testimonials for our Nepal interpreters and translators. Please scroll down for more…

We were hired to translate Disney’s ESPN documentary from Nepali to English. Part of it here.


Other Testimonials:

We were thrilled to have Erica join our field visit to Nepal in April. She was knowledgeable, professional and always upbeat and smiling! With a challenging group, she was patient and thoughtful.

Erica showed an excellent knowledge of the English language and she is a sensitive and thoughtful translator. She was able to understand our different accents amongst the group well.  I would recommend Erica, and the Nepal Interpreters service to any professional organization or group that needs this kind of service.  I’m sure we will be working together in the future, and I am already looking forward to that day.

Anna Hedges

Senior Events Fundraising Officer



“Working with Square Services Pvt. Ltd., and especially Anish Subedi, was a very positive experience. Communications and organisation on their part was excellent and they were sufficiently flexible to accommodate constant revisions of travel and meeting schedules; in a context like Nepal this is highly important. The interpretation itself was up to highest standards. Anish was involved as a co-investigator in a research project that conducted ethnographic type data gathering in Nepalese libraries. His reflections on observations served as a basis for data analysis because he was able to not only literally translate but to interpret the said in a rich cultural context. Overall, our project got exactly what it needed, for a fair price and, additionally, working with Anish was simply an enjoyable experience.”

Philipp Grunewald

PhD/Researcher at Loughborough University

Facilitation of Knowledge Exchange in International Development.


I had the pleasure this past summer of working with a professional group of language facilitators while working with a US State Department Mobile Training Team instructing the National Police of Nepal. While I have positive experiences in past overseas assignments with language facilitators, I was impressed with the founders and personnel from Nepali Interpreters and Language Facilitators (Square Services), who demonstrated their professionalism and commitment to us from the moment we walked into our hotel and met them. They were organized and professional, yet they also showed a warm and gregarious nature. I never saw one of them when they were not smiling and showing a caring attitude.

From the day I arrived until the day I left, Mr. Anish Subedi, was with me. He anticipated my needs before I even was aware of my needs. Not only was his ability to translate the language and the many different dialects of the Nepali people for me invaluable, but he was able to understand my southern twang and translate my inflections to my audience. Beyond the language services, Mr. Subedi was able to convey cultural and social nuances that I found aided me greatly in preparing and delivering my instruction. If anything, I found that beyond providing a service of exceptional quality, I made a new friend.

I recommend highly and without reservation the services of Nepali Interpreters and Language Facilitators (Square Services).


Dr. James “Buster” Hall, J.D.

Assistant Professor – Department of Criminal Justice, Legal Studies and Homeland Security

Northeastern State University, 3100 E. New Orleans, Broken Arrow, OK  74014



I had the pleasure of working with couple of interpreters from Nepali Interpreters and Language Facilitators (Square Services) while providing training to in Nepal in 2011 and 2012. They both served as my Interpreter/Language Assistants translating lecture and practical application classes from English into Nepali. These courses were contained a great deal of technical language and both translators had to take lectures and demonstrations as they were spoken and translate them not only into Nepali but also into a style that could be understood in a cross-cultural sense. I was amazed by their skill in translating and their comfort in front of groups. I highly recommend Nepali Interpreters and Language Facilitators to anyone who wants to present a professional image while working in Nepal.




It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to express my extreme gratitude and appreciation to Anish Subedi (of Square Services) and the excellent work he provided the United States Government.  From November 2011 to January 2012 the U.S. State Department and the International Police Peacekeeping Operations Support Program (IPPOS) provided pre deployment police peacekeeping training to the Nepalese Armed Police Force (APF) for their mission to Liberia.

The training covered a wide range police related topics to include riot control, building and room entry, firearms, first aid, defensive tactics, patrol tactics along with numerous human rights and cultural awareness courses.

Anish Subedi was assigned to me as my personal language assistant and we worked together six days a week providing the curriculum to the students.  Mr. Subedi was an invaluable asset to me as he served as my voice and interpreted very difficult subject matter that he had no prior knowledge of.  Mr. Subedi exhibited an excellent knowledge of English and the English vocabulary in addition to being very well versed in the localized “American English” and it nuances.

Mr. Subedi connected very well with the Nepalese students. It was evident to me from their relationship that I observed in class and the feedback I received from the senior staff.  They said Mr. Subedi had earned the respect of the students, and the students had an excellent grasp of the material being presented.

The program and training presented was a tremendous success by all accounts and could not have been achieved without the hard work, dedication, and expertise exhibited by Anish Subedi.  His translation skills were exemplary and made my job of teaching so much easier and enjoyable but more importantly, the students came away with the knowledge and skills needed to keep them safe in their upcoming deployment.

Darryl F. McEachern

IPPOS Instructor,

U.S. State Department

Alutiiq LLC   



While working in Nepal from November 2011 to January 2012 for the U.S. Department of State on the International Police Peacekeeping Operations Support Program (IPPOS) training the Nepalese Armed Police Force, I had the great pleasure to work with the Nepali Interpreters and Language Facilitators (Square Services).

The training covered a wide range of police related subjects and the interpreter/translator had to learn this subject as we were teaching and translate it into their native tongue and in a way that made a complex and complicated subject understandable in the native language.  The Nepali Interpreters and Language Facilitators accomplished this with, what appeared to me, with ease, but I know that it was hard work for them and I appreciate all their help.   This training could not have been done without their invaluable assistance.

Because we were speaking to large groups I appreciated the ease and confidence with which they preformed.  Speaking to groups of strangers is never easy and I applaud their abilities in this area.

Because of their professionalism it is with confidence and high regard that I would recommend to any professional organization or group that needs to obtain the services of interpreters/translators that they contact the Nepali Interpreters and Language Facilitators (Square Services).

Randy Stensaas

Mobile Training Team Mentor