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Here are some of the following services we provide. We are also able to offer customized solutions related to language facilitation. Please feel free to reach out to us with specific requests or  questions through our contact us page.


Square Services has an expert team of Nepal’s most experienced professional interpreters that you need for all your business travel, meetings and event hosting in a cross-cultural working envioronment. Nepal is a country with more than 100 languages and dialects and it becomes prudent to be aware about the various cultural ethos that are carried along with these dialects. Our interpreters have excellent language command and cultural awareness, which allow them to act as a bridge between the parties. Our interpreters are friendly, approachable people with high professional ethics and a strong understanding of the importance of confidentiality in business transactions.

The various types of interpretation services that we provide are:

Conference Interpretation//Simultaneous Interpretation

Along with being a tourism destination, Nepal also services as a hub for political, diplomatic and business activities, particularly given its location  between two Asian giants India and China. With this comes the need for interpretation services during the many conferences held in Nepal.

As we are fully aware of the pertinence and the impact that conference interpreting has in the success of different endeavors, we have built a pool of conference interpreters who are able to meet your requirements, while incorporating the unique cultural essence that is an integral part of any form of communication. We have conference interpreters specialized in your field, with broad knowledge of relevant technical words and terminologies. We guarantee  linguistic accuracy, as well as communication of business terms and ideas. Furthermore, our conference interpreters have signed agreements that ensure absolute confidentiality regarding every detail of the information they have contact with during their work with you.

We offer you the best in terms of multilingual communication tools that facilitate your work, so that you do not have to worry about cultural, linguistic, and technical barriers. Nepali or Nepalese interpretation and translations require many nuances that comes with our distinct cultural and linguistic uniqueness.

We not only provides you with the highest quality conference interpretation in the market, but also help you link with the complete set-up and equipment services available in the country.

Whisper Interpretation/Simultaneous Interpretation

This is a format of interpretation which is often used in meetings where a majority of the participants speak a common language and a few (one or two) do not understand the language. In such cases, an interpreter who has expertise in simultaneous interpretation is used to render the messages so that those few people can also equally participate in the meetings without any cultural and language barriers. In this method, the interpreter sits nearby and whispers real time translated sentences. This requires special skills as the interpreter has to render the messages with accuracy, while at the same time ensuring that the meetings are able to run smoothly without any disturbance from the interpretation.

We have experienced simultaneous interpreters specializing on this, and if you think language might become a barrier in your next round table or community meeting, then remember that we are there for you.

Consecutive Interpretation

We have carefully put together a team of professional interpreters with wide experience in a range  of fields, to provide you with the highest quality consecutive interpretation available in the market. Our consecutive interpreters have worked from the grassroots level in remote parts of the country to the high-level parliamentary meetings. We have a special group of consecutive interpreters, who have flexible  working hours and are experienced at working under stressful and high-pressure conditions. This becomes very relevant while working on issues and projects related with highly-sensitive security/ security force.

Consecutive interpretation is a very common interpretation method in which the source language speaker and the interpreter generally agree on the length of the segments before the interpretation begins so that they can synchronize well and the interpreter can deliver the message with accuracy.

There are two types of consecutive interpretation depending on the length of the segments spoken by the speaker before interpreter actually beings.

Our consecutive interpreters are familiar with international cultures and business etiquette. They have excellent linguistic understanding and are familiar with the different dialects and variations of languages spoken within the country, such that they are able to translate not just the words but  emotions as well.

Telephonic/Video conference Interpretation

In today’s digitally-connected world, it is not always possible for the clients to  communicate or meet in person. In such cases, we provide you with telephone/online/video conferencing interpreters  who are experienced in virtual digital video/audio communications. Reliable internet connection has enabled us to easily conduct virtual meetings (both group and individual) and now with the service of our interpreters you will be able to conduct effective  virtual meetings even when interpretation is required.

Documentary and film making interpretation

Ever since Nepal opened to the international community, filmmakers from around the globe have made countless efforts to document and showcase the uniqueness of Nepal Nepal is very rich with diversity in geography, cultures, and dialects and filming in such diversity requires native interpreters who have knowledge about the various nitty-gritty of the documentary making process as well as an excellent understanding of the language and culture of the filming areas. We provide you experienced interpreters who have previously worked on various  documentaries.

Here is a sample of a documentary in which our interpretation services was used:


We also provide  written audio/video transcription along with the necessary time coding for various audio and video files. The translated file can easily be used for subtitling. We have transcribed/translated videos for many international media houses from the US, UK, Sweden, etc. Disney World USA’s ESPN also used our transcription services while making a documentary.


You can trust us for  translation of an official document, a legal contract, training manuals, brochures, slogans, medical files, engineering methodologies or other sensitive documents. We understand the importance that of urgent translation needs and ensure on-time delivery of translated products.

Client confidentiality is integral to our work and we ensure safe and proper disposal of source documents after work completion. Our linguistic experts make sure that the essence of texts remains intact during translation.

We also provide technical translation which requires a more literal touch to it. Multiple levels of proofreading enable us to maintain consistency in all of our translated works.

We also have translators who are familiar with the  IT sector and can assist you with software localization/translation.

If you are in search of quality translation services, please contact us.

Nepali Culture Acclimatization:

We offer a crash course on acclimatizing in Nepali cultures and habits, the Do’s and Don’ts and the local ways so that you can fit in seamlessly!

Media Preparation:

We help prepare documents, brochures, voice, video, or web translations of your content that you want translated.

Summarizing our services:

Type of  specialization

Areas of work

English Nepali (Nepalese) Interpretation/Translation/Transcription 


●       Simultaneous interpretation

–          Conference interpretation

–          Workshop interpretation

–          Whispering interpretation

●       Consecutive interpretation

–          In conference

–          Training

–          Research Interviews

–          Telephonic interpretation

●       Documentary and film making interpretation.

●       Security /firearms/ police training

●      Post-Earthquake / Natural disaster

●       Political seminars /conference

●       Governance

●       Legal issues

●       Health

●       Energy

●       Civil Society/ Journalism

●       Sanitation / Hygiene

●       Agriculture /floriculture

●       Education

●       Sports

●       Psychology

Please visit “our clients” section of the website to know about the clients to whom we have given the above services.

Also, feel free to ask us for more customized solutions that may not be listed here. We offer you flexible services and ease of online payments.